New JISC Chair – Opening Digital Doors at Annual Conference

JISC’s annual conference taking place in Edinburgh, is discussing opening up resources, adopting a greener approach to IT and how small changes can have a large impact in making teaching, learning and research accessible to all.

In his first speaking opportunity as JISC Chair, Professor Sir Tim O’Shea said:

“JISC looks to drive innovation across colleges and universities through technology. Today’s conference will see some interesting debate in this respect. The education community faces a number of challenges – both currently in the form of the global economic downturn as well as the constant and fast growth of the virtual arena.

“Today’s workshops and keynote speeches reflect how technology is enhancing our students’ learning experience and contributing to the UK’s research environment. I’m particularly pleased that we’ll be exploring colleges’ and universities’ use of avatars and virtual learning to equip learners with skills for when they leave higher education. These initiatives, along with the range of important other work being discussed today, make a direct contribution to maintaining the UK’s world-class reputation for higher education.”

Keynote speakers:

Professor Liz Goodman – IT innovation and inspiration
Ewan McIntosh – Mashing up research and connecting with learners through social media
audio available at

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