The Learning Revolution: Informal Adult Learning White Paper

People who want to organise their own groups and classes will be supported by a new national campaign for learning, Government announced this week. Public and private buildings all over the country will throw open their doors to learners in the evening and weekends, from pubs, shops, cafes and churches to workplaces, libraries and galleries. The buildings will be identified by the new “Learning Revolution” logo and at least 7,000 rooms will be available, with the number expected to grow.

The Government’s White Paper, The Learning Revolution, outlines what the whole of Government can do to support learning for pleasure, including funding innovative new ideas and projects, helping to broker access to learning, especially for disadvantaged groups and older people, and building a culture of learning across society.

White Paper (PDF) available here:

Key elements include:

  • A £20m transformation fund which will support the development of new adult learning partnerships and innovative ideas. This could mean helping local people breathe new life into empty shop premises by setting up artists’ studios or theatre workshop spaces, or issuing learning vouchers to people who are unemployed;
  • Working across Government departments and local authorities to get all kinds of new spaces opened up for self-organised learning activities. These shared spaces will include libraries, museums, arts galleries, faith spaces and local UK Online centres, as well as schools and colleges. Learners say not finding a low-cost, accessible place to learn can be a significant barrier to learning;
  • Making it easier to find a space by setting up a competition to design a new web directory of learning spaces and places that are available at free or low cost, working with umbrella organisations like NAVCA (National Association of Voluntary and Community Action).

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