New online resources for inclusive teaching using technology

A suite of new learning resources showing how resources and methods can be adapted with technology, to deliver teaching more inclusively to the widest possible audience is now available online. Each module is a 10-20 minute tutorial for anyone involved in teaching Higher Education (although obviously they will be useful to teachers from any sector).

screenshot of a resource pageThe modules in the JISC TechDis ‘Teaching Inclusively Using Technology’ series have five constituent elements. These are:

  • Preparing Your Learning;
  • Delivering Learning (Lecture/ Classroom);
  • Delivering Learning (Practical/ Fieldwork/ Placement);
  • Delivering Learning (Online); and
  • Assessing Learning.

There are several different versions of these sets of 5 modules, themed appropriately for different audiences:

  • Teaching Inclusively Using Technology (Generic Version);
  • Teaching Economics Inclusively Using Technology;
  • Teaching Art Design & Media Inclusively Using Technology;
  • Teaching Information and Computer Sciences Inclusively Using Technology;
  • Teaching Physical Sciences Inclusively Using Technology;
  • Teaching HE in FE Inclusively Using Technology.

Access all of these from the Teaching Inclusively website:

Built in Xerte, the Accessible Learning Object creation tool (see these resources give the user the ability to change font size and background colour, provide a text-to-speech option and are fully keyboard navigable.

In 2008 the JISC / Higher Education Academy Collaboration Initiative provided funding for JISC TechDis to work with partners in the JISC RSCs and Higher Education Academy Subject Centres to develop a suite of learning objects on inclusive use of technology in teaching that were tailored to, and therefore more useful for, a variety of discipline or role areas. These modules are the output from that funding.

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