Safeguarding FE learners in a digital world

Safeguarding further education (FE) learners, and providing them with the skills to safeguard themselves when using this technology, is a vital part of the education that organisations should give to learners. A key part of this process is understanding, and effectively mitigating against, the risks that exist as part of the use of technology of all types.

This e-Safety content theme, is the latest to go live on the LSIS Excellence Gateway.

It highlights materials and resources which can support different aspects of online safety for adult learning providers, exploring how organisations can protect learners and staff from risk of misuse of new technologies, while making the most of what they offer.

The theme is divided into four topics:

Topic 1 – What is e-Safety?
Topic 2 – Awareness of risks and understanding safeguarding issues
Topic 3 – Using social media and social networking services
Topic 4 – Using the Becta PIES model to limit e-Safety risks.

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