Box of Broadcasts Launched

Television and radio broadcast content is now available as an online streaming service to thousands of students and researchers for the first time following the launch of Box of Broadcasts (BoB National) by the JISC part-funded British Universities Film and Video Council (BUFVC) .

BoB National is a shared off-air recording and media archive service which is available to BUFVC members holding an ERA+ license. This tv scheduling service allows your institution’s staff and students to record programmes scheduled to be broadcast over the next seven days as well as retrieving programmes from the last seven days of recorded channels. Users may also search thousands of programmes stored in the growing archive.

The requester will receive the programme after broadcast as a Flash Video file they can watch in a web page – in the same way as i-player. BoB National stores the recorded TV and Radio programmes in the archive and they are held indefinitely for all users to access.  Like the BBC ‘iPlayer’, it allows users to watch or listen to programmes missed in the last week. However, unlike iPlayer, programmes to air over the coming seven days can be scheduled, recorded and do not expire. This means they can be archived and are available indefinitely, making it invaluable for lecturers and students requiring constant access.

There is also a simple editing service which allows users to create specific clips. These, as well as entire programmes or series can be added to playlists, for sharing with other students or research colleagues. Users can then comment, tag or rate these playlists, clips or programmes.

The BUFVC has been piloting BoB National with its partners, Bournemouth University and Cambridge Imaging Systems and there are thousands of users already signed up. BoB National is self-perpetuating, so the more institutions sign up and record programmes, the more content is made available to other users.

* BoB National operates specifically within the terms of the ERA+ licensing scheme offered by the Educational Recording Agency. The head licensee for BoB is Bournemouth University and any institution given access to share the facility is required to be in membership of the BUFVC, and also to hold a current ERA+ licence. The ERA+ licence operates only within the territory of the United Kingdom and relates to off campus access to content acquired under Section 35 of the UK’s Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. The Educational Recording Agency1 (ERA) is a licensing and collecting agency which represents broadcasters, performers and rights holders.

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