Digital Content – workshop and conference in June

Strategic Content Alliance Workshops

The Strategic Content Alliance, (which works in collaboration with JISC and other public sector agencies such as BBC, Becta, British Library, MLA and NHS) is conducting a series of workshops nationwide during June and July. These workshops are aimed at senior policy makers and practitioners involved in the delivery of online content and services over the internet.

The events will deliver enhanced professional understanding, as well as the opportunity to evaluate and critique the following Alliance areas of works:

Audience Analysis- to meet user needs
Business Modelling and Sustainability
Intellectual Property Rights and Licencing
Introduction to Digipedia- a moderated wiki aimed at synthesising the digital content life-cycle information and knowledge from authoritative sources

The workshops are designed to appeal anyone involved in the digital content lifecycle from creation to curation.

For more details, please see: – the London workshop is on 19 June and focusses on IPR / Licencing issues.


JISC Digital Content conference 2009

Researchers, librarians, publishers and policy makers will be gathering in Gloucestershire on June 30th and July 1st to discuss the issues they face in creating, delivering and sustaining digitised content.

As JISC’s digitisation programme enters a new phase of enhancing previously unseen and difficult to access materials, experts from across libraries, museums and the private sector will meet to look into future opportunities and challenges at this year’s Content Conference.

To register for the conference visit:


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