Digital Britain report published

Following the interrim report published in January 2009 (, the Government has today published the final report.  

The Report is one of the central policy commitments in the Government’s Building Britain’s Future plan and draft legislative programme.

Digital Britain measures include:

  • A three-year National Plan to improve Digital Participation
  • Universal Access to today’s broadband services by 2012
  • Next Generation fund for investment in tomorrow’s broadband services
  • Digital radio upgrade by the end of 2015
  • mobile spectrum liberalisation, enhancing 3G coverage and accelerating Next Generation mobile services
  • robust legal and regulatory framework to combat Digital Piracy
  • support for public service content partnerships
  • a revised digital remit for Channel 4
  • consultation on funding options for national, regional and local news

One surprise in the report is the inclusion of a levy on fixed telephone lines in order to pay for broadband rollout, thought to amount to a 50p a month for every household in the country with a fixed phone line.

Final report and executive summary:

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