Case Study: Electronic personal learning plans at Redbridge College

Redbridge College wanted to move away from paper-based individual learning plans. They were seen as incompatible with their strategies for teaching and learning and both staff and students complained that they were easily forgotten or even lost. The challenge was to develop an electronic version that could be easily accessed and work effectively with other systems in use in the College, particularly E-Bridge the Moodle VLE.

The collaboration between Redbridge and the ULCC allowed the College to successfully implement an e-PLP  while ULCC were able to release the common functionality to the wider Moodle user community for any provider to explore the benefits. This has proved a very successful model with a number of other colleges implementing their own e-PLP systems (there are over 400 downloads each month worldwide).

Read the full case study

ULCC have managed continued development of the modules with input from Redbridge and subsequent development partners across the UK (over 25 colleges now co-fund continued development). So while any provider has been able to benefit from Redbridge’s initial work, Redbridge have also been able to benefit from new enhancements to the system from other providers. This collaborative development model approach demonstrates the impact Open Source development partnerships can achieve

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