Green IT – further Salix funding announced

The importance of the Green IT agenda continues to be made apparent as further Salix funding is announced.

Salix, an independent publicly funded company, was set up to accelerate public sector investment in energy efficiency technologies through invest to save schemes. Funding comes directly from the Carbon Trust and a new temporary fund of £51.5m has been made available until 17th July 2009.


There was overwhelming success last year with over 30 college applicants from across the educational sectors. Those providers are eligable to apply for separate projects this year. This time round the fund allows for applications to enable green thin client technology and print management solutions.

 The one-off funding, allocated on a first come first served basis, lasts for a set period and is available to all public sectors including

Further Education, Higher Education and schools.  There is a minimum claim of £5000, but no maximum limit available.To qualify all projects must be able to pay the interest-free loan back within five years through the savings made.

 Full details of the fund 

 Salix Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme

 Explanations of the process and the projects that can be applied for –  

Loan Process

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