Employer Engagement – July 2009 Update

Taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the current economic climate, learning providers continue to develop innovative ways of using technology to overcome the challenges they face.
Through the RSC London’s engagement with local organisations we have identified that there is growing use of technology to support employer activities, such as the use of e-portfolios for assessment purposes. Faced with paper-based tasks such as form filling and the production of evidence of work, organisations are becoming used to operating with technology to gain cost-effective results; particularly in the way NVQ courses are being assessed.

In one learning provider, for example, assessors are being given laptops or netbooks by the organisation to aid the assessment process. An example of that is Redbridge College, where all teaching staff receive a laptop anyway. In another organisation, there is innovative use of virtual learning environments (VLEs) to aid employer engagement. One interesting such development is the use of a  VLE to engage with  Armed Forces personnel serving abroad.

The RSC London is planning to bring these developments together in an event in October that aims to share best practice in the region. Uxbridge College, recently awarded Beacon Status, have kindly volunteered to lead on one presentation. We would welcome expressions of interest from any provider in the region wanting to contribute to this event.

Graciano Soares
RSC London Senior Advisor

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