New animations from Netskills explain Web 2.0

Five animations form Netskills, covering social media, podcasting, RSS feeds,collaborative writingand microblogging are now available online.

These animations adopt a fast and easy approach to understanding how new technologies can enhance everyday working practice.

Will Allen, consultant trainer from JISC Netskills, says:

“There’s plenty of evidence that Web 2.0 tools have dramatically affected the working practice of those who‘ve adopt them. But where should new users begin? Our Web2practice animations are designed to help, provide a concise overview of the technologies, the benefits of using them and how to get started.

Each animation is supported by a complementary printed guide, available direct from JISC Netskills and for download from the Web2practice site.

The animations can be freely used, downloaded and adapted by those watching them because they are all licensed under Creative Commons.

Lawrie Phipps, JISC users and innovation programme manager, explains:

“there are really very few people working in universities and colleges today who won’t benefit, in both collaborative and personal practical terms from what Web 2.0 technologies can add to their day-to-day work.”

There is also a feature on the preview site for viewers to comment on the animations.

The full set of eight animations (adding blogging, social bookmarking, communications and digital identity) will be available early in August 2009.

View the animations on the Web2practice web pages

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