Opportunity to become an Advanced PDA – deadline 25 September

The new eCPD Programme for 2009-10 is underway and in this second year it includes an Advanced PDA programme.

Funding is available for successful applicants to the Advanced PDA programme: £1,500 Capital Grant plus £1,200 training bursary.

Full details and application form

Places on the Advanced PDA programme are limited and will be offered to middle or senior managers who:

* are working in either large multi-sited organisations or are supporting an established network of providers where the need to build e-learning capacity has been identified;
* are responsible for driving their organisation’s Information Learning Technology ( ILT) strategy forward at both a strategic and operational level;
* have begun to implement a cross-organisational approach to using technology to enhance teaching and learning; and
* are experienced deliverers of eCPD and who are in a position where they can lead the development of a team of a minimum of 5 PDAs.

The Advanced PDA training will focus on tools and strategies to bring about change and on materials and approaches that that can be used by Advanced PDAs to support the training and development of a team of PDAs. It is a ‘train the trainer’ cascade model. You do not need to have completed PDA training to join the Advanced PDA programme but it would be helpful.

Full details and application form:


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