October workshops from JISC Digital Media

This October JISC Digital Media is running 5 courses in Bristol, designed to help you get the most out of digital media

Full listing, fees and booking information

06 October 2009
Digitising Analogue Video Recordings

This workshop investigates the challenges associated with the preservation of videotapes. Through practical exercises, we will look at how digitising materials to archival standards can both safeguard and help develop a collection.

07 October 2009
Building a Departmental Image Collection

This course will provide you with a hands-on experience of creating, managing and delivering a departmental image collection. You will acquire the foundation knowledge required to make well informed decisions about building an image library.

13 October 2009
Finding Free-to-Use Images Online

If you’ve ever needed to find images online that you can use in your work materials then this course is for you. It will guide you to all the best places to locate free-to-use, copyright cleared images for use in both teaching and learning. You’ll never use Google to find images again!

27 October 2009
Digital Photography – Getting started with your SLR

This entry level course will provide you with an understanding of the techniques and skills needed to produce great quality images from a digital SLR camera with ease. Some illuminating background theory will be supported by hands-on practical exercises in photography. Weather permitting you’ll be doing some photography outside to hone your skills.

28 October 2009
Digital Photography – Taking Control of your SLR

This action packed course looks in depth at using a digital SLR’s creative controls to put you in charge of your photography. You will also have plenty of hands-on practice with the camera and be shown how to effectively illuminate 2D and 3D objects using tungsten and fluorescent studio lighting.

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