Green ICT crucial to the future of education and research

JISC is launching a 3-year programme of activity to support colleges and universities with their decision-making process in green and environmental technology.

The programme kicked off this month with invitations to universities and colleges to bid for funding for projects to investigate Green ICT and to run exemplar projects in energy use reduction and integration of estates and IT.

The green programme of activity capitalises on the outcomes from the JISC-funded SusteIT project, which delivered a report entitled Sustainable ICT in Further and Higher Education in January of this year.

JISC’s Green ICT activity and its related projects will help institutions’ IT and facilities departments understand the actions they can take to promote sustainable ICT within their organisations, including:

  • Creating and implementing an institution-wide environmental sustainability policy and strategy
  • Purchasing environmentally friendly hardware and software
  • Server virtualisation, consolidation and utilisation
  • Using alternative computing provision models such as thin client
  • Creating more energy-efficient data centres and how to share these among institutions
  • Improving power management including networked power-down policies
  • Making buildings more ‘intelligent’
  • Minimising paper use
  • Reducing travel and the environmental overhead of face-to-face meetings and examining the potential for staff to work remotely.

Greening ICT –  video case study of  Queen Margaret University

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