Focus on JISC Advance Services-JISC Procureweb

JISC Procureweb is a procurement support service for the UK higher and further education sectors and research councils. Providing a wide range of procurement related tools and information systems, JISC Procureweb supports those who participate in the procurement process, although it does not enter directly into contract negotiations.

Key services include:

  • CuPID (Central Universities Purchasing Information Database) – a searchable database that holds agreed contract information at national, regional and local levels.
  • – allows uploading of tender information; suppliers can sign up to complete open tenders for business.
  • H.E.L.P (Higher Education Library on Procurement) – a collection of documentation related to procurement with an HE focus. F.E.L.P provides the same service with a Further Education focus. Covers areas such as national and EU legislation; tender specification template documents; strategy policy and procedures templates available for download and modification. An account is needed to access these services, with a email address.
  • – a website that allows you to post adverts for items that are no longer needed within your institution and are available for passing on to other institutions. Adverts can also be posted for equipment your institution wishes to acquire. Potentially this could be used to boost an institutional approach to equipment and materials recycling.
  • EMM (Efficiency Measurement Model) – a tool developed to help Heads of Procurement capture savings or efficiency data in a methodical way

Further information on these and other services can be found at

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