New JISC Legal Website

Jisc Legal

JISC Legal have upgraded their website and produced a video to highlight some of the changes and new features. Their aim is to make accessing their guidance more straightforward and help  to avoid legal barriers to the development and use of ICT in colleges and universities.

Watch the short video on YouTube

One of the important changes is from static pages to dynamic content to create web pages which are specific to ‘Roles’, ‘Themes’ and ‘Legal Areas’. As well as practical, relevant textual guidance, you willl also find a range of audio-visual resources on the site.

The all new JISC Legal website

For example
  • If you are a senior manager you are able to select content based on your Role, eg  IT Law for FE and HE Senior Managers.
  • If you are looking for guidance on Web 2.0, you can choose that Theme from the drop down menu. Useful resources might include the recent JISC Legal webcast on Web 2.0 and the Law for e-Tutors
  • If you want information on a current JISC Legal project, such as Open Education Resources, then this content is collected and displayed.

For the user,  relevant content is now quickly available just by choosing your role or the theme you are interested in.  For those needing a quick, relevant guide to an area of law, categorisation by Legal Area remains part of the site.

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