Lord Mandelson on Skills Strategy at AoC Conference

Lord Mandelson outlining the skills strategy for the U.K. at the AoC Conference in Birmingham on Thursday 18th November.

Full text from: http://www.bis.gov.uk/aoc-conference

“In this kind of world it’s no longer credible to have any notions about a hierarchy of elite academic higher education and under that, vocational or further education. There is a higher skills system, built on a wider school system, with a single core goal. Which is: people equipped with the character, confidence and skills for the world of modern life and work.

In setting out over the last month our frameworks for Skills and Higher Education Policy I have explicitly seen them as a single higher skills system. They need to mesh and reinforce each other. Skills need to be a ladder up into a job, or, as often, on to higher qualifications, university, or professional advancement. They need to be accessible throughout a working life, and in a way that fits around work, or integrates work.”

Skills for Growth – Strategy and Executive Summary available from: http://www.bis.gov.uk/policies/skills-for-growth

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