Working in Partnership: How JISC services support FE communities

Launched at the AoC Conference in November, ‘Working in Partnership‘ demonstrates how FE is using the full range of JISC services.

Collectively,  JISC services offer:

  • Access to high-quality digital resources to support learning, teaching and research
  • Advice on the creation and preservation of digital resources
  • Guidance on the implications of ICT,  including legal and organisational issues
  • Advice and training on technical and network matters
  • Opportunities to trial tools for resource creation and to share and repurpose resources
  • Front-line support through the JISC Regional Support Centres

In many cases, collaborative partnerships between services have enabled learning providers to achieve deep and transformative change, becoming a beacon of good practice to others.

As a result, a high regard for the JISC services is felt by many in the FE communities, as is evident from the case studies in this publication. Supporting each account are testimonies from senior managers, practitioners, sector associates and learners.

Download or order a printed copy of Working in Partnership

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