Ofsted consultation on adult and community learning inspections

Ofsted is aiming to introduce a new inspection framework for adult and community learning from 2010 to make sure it is well matched to the needs of the user and the quality of the service.


The proposals include reducing the notice period for inspection to three weeks and avoiding multiple inspection visits by covering all direct and sub-contracted education and training offered by the provider.

Ofsted is also looking at taking a more risk-proportionate approach to inspection, bringing the arrangements in line with other Ofsted inspection frameworks.

We will be looking at the performance of providers annually to decide whether to bring forward or delay the next inspection and to determine the focus of the inspection. Most providers will continue to have an inspection every four years, but for high-performing providers the time between inspections could be up to six years. If a provider’s performance is weak or faltering, or if a provider is new, they could be inspected more frequently than every four years.

The consultation document, Proposals for adult and community learning inspections from 2010 is available here: www.ofsted.gov.uk/publications/090242

Consultation closes on 29 December 2009.

In 2010 Ofsted will publish the results of the consultation and final recommendations for the inspection of adult and community learning.

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