New JISC TechDis Toolbar

JISC TechDis has launched a new (beta) version of the JISC TechDis Toolbar. This free application can be installed on a website or downloaded onto an individual PC.

JISC TechDis has been working with associates at the University of Southampton’s School of Electronics and Computer Science to create an updated and enhanced browser toolbar to replace the original, highly popular toolbar developed in 2005. The new toolbar is also available to users as a ‘Lite’ version that can be accessed with one simple mouse click.

The new JISC TechDis Toolbar provides a range of productivity and accessibility tools and aids to help users customise they way they view and interact with web pages. Features include a text to speech function, spell checking and dictionary facilities, and a feature for gathering referencing information within a web page. It also provides simple ways to adjust the magnification or font used on web pages.

The JISC TechDis Toolbar is suitable for different operating systems and is designed to work with all browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

See website for further information, download and installation guide.

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