JorumOpen-free teaching and learning materials

Jorum is the JISC funded service for HE and FE for collecting and sharing learning and teaching materials, allowing their reuse and repurposing.

The licensing regime of Jorum in its original guise meant that it was only available to UK FE and HE institutions, and was based on an institutionally registered User and Depositor licensing model. This service is still available and is known as JorumUK.

As Open Educational Resources (OER) increasingly become part of the landscape of learning and teaching resources, Jorum has now opened up for the sharing of resources, created under Creative Commons (CC) licences, through its new collection JorumOpen.

JorumOpen provides free access to all and will be of particular benefit for learning providers, such as those in the ACL and WBL sectors, that were unable to make use of Jorum under the JorumUK licensing model.

JorumOpen launched only a week ago and is already filling up with useful resources. For example, JISC Netskills have deposited their web2practice materials on the use Web2.0 – free for anyone to use or repurpose.

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