Universities to achieve business goals through technology

The JISC and Leadership Foundation partnership have published interactive guidance to highlight the characteristics of an agile university and articulate how a dynamic business environment can be achieved through the use of technology.

Ewart Woodridge CBE, Chief Executive of the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, says, “The ‘Agile University’ is about the capacity to innovate, particularly in new business or operating models. It requires a creativity in how an institution is structured and people are equipped to lead and manage it. It also requires a strategic and entrepreneurial approach to the use of technology.”   Louisa Dale, JISC’s partnership manager adds, “This guide shows how everyday business issues can be solved by universities adopting an integrated IT strategy across the whole university and highlights case studies on how a simple solution can have a large benefit.”

The guidance covers five areas that are of relevance to all HEIs:

· Strategies for agile institutions: scenario planning

· Relationship management and business intelligence

· Research rigour, accessibility and impact

· Alternative business models for higher education

· Enhancing the student and staff experience


Further information and access to the guidance materials is here: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/news/stories/2010/02/leadership.aspx

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