British Library launches new virtual history timeline

The British Library’s new interactive timeline will allow students to get a sense of change, continuity and chronology when studying historical events. Bringing together material from the Library’s vast collections and using cutting-edge technology, users will now be able to discover historical connections and create links in an exciting multimedia experience.

Highlights of collection items featured include:

  • Records of major events – from the Black Death and the Great Fire to the French Revolution and the abolition of the slave trade.
  • Printed matter – the first English printed book, the first cookery manuscript, the first English bible and the first postage stamp.
  • Public Life – posters, advertisements and illustrations documenting everything from public executions and magic shows to plague cures and séances.
  • Campaigns – pamphlets and writings from activists such as Abolitionists, Chartists, Communists and CND marchers.
  • Manuscripts – written by great figures in history including Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Captain Cook, Beethoven, Wordsworth, Abolitionists, Florence Nightingale and Dickens.
  • Maps – cities, military campaigns and imagined lands.
  • Patents – including those for the Spinning Jenny, the bicycle and the machine gun.

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