National Plan for Digital Participation

Stephen Timms, Minister for Digital Britain has  launched the National Plan for Digital Participation in which the Government sets a target of a 60% reduction in the 12.5 million people who are not online in the UK.

Minister for Digital Britain, Stephen Timms, said:

“Being online is crucial for participation in the 21st Century society – the Internet unlocks a wealth of information and services, giving people more choice in life and access to a range of education, health and financial opportunities.

“That is why we have set an ambitious target to get 60% of those 12.5 million people who aren’t online, online in four years. Our National Plan is an exciting project which will provide the leadership and framework for existing and emerging digital participation projects to drive a more inclusive Digital Britain.

“Bringing people online for the first time and enabling people to interact more creatively will enrich our society and we will ensure no one is left behind.”

The National Plan (pdf)

The Digital Participation Consortium website is now live to coincide with the Government’s launch of the National Plan for Digital Participation.  Go to for more information on the work of the Consortium.

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