MyStudyBar is a new tool to help overcome problems that some students experience with studying, reading and writing. The tool consists of a suite of portable open source and freeware applications, assembled into one convenient package and completely free to download and use.

MyStudyBar has been produced by Craig Mill and the team at RSC Scotland North & East which created the award-winning AccessApps software suite and, though primarily designed to support learners with literacy-related difficulties such as dyslexia, offers potential benefits to all learners.

MyStudyBar provides  a range of individual and essential tools designed to support the complete study cycle from research, planning and structuring to communicating in writing or speech.

You can use MyStudyBar straight from a USB stick (if, for example, you’re using a machine that’s not your own) or you can install it directly to the desktop (technical staff in colleges or universities also have the choice of installing it on the network for everyone to use).

More information and link to download MyStudyBar from:

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