HE in FE Expert Programme – website launch

HEFCE’s Leadership, Governance and Management (LGM)  fund has supported the HE in FECs Expert Programme, an 18-month project.

In the first project stage, four seminars were held in 2009 for principals, senior managers and college governors. Resources that could support the strategic development of higher education provided in further education colleges were identified. In the second project stage, resources and materials were collected.

The project is now nearing completion and the project website provides access to resources and links to other source material relating to six themes:

  • the nature of higher education;
  • funding of HE delivered in FECs;
  • management and planning;
  • quality assurance arrangements;
  • policy and strategy for HE in FECs;
  • governance.

Materials provided by colleges and other organisations are being added to the website and can be downloaded and customised by colleges. The development materials can be accessed at: www.sheffield.ac.uk/heinfestratprog/materials.html

The project team is still looking at and adding materials and any colleagues who would be prepared to submit materials they have used successfully are asked to contact Penny Blackie (p.blackie@fdf.ac.uk) and Anne Thompson (anne.thompson20@btinternet.com).

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