BECTA: Survey Data and Analytical Reports for FE and WBL

Becta have released the results of their Harnessing Technology survey. Both reports and the raw data are now available.

The purpose of the survey was to:

  • Explore the extent of use and implementation of technology in the operations of FE Colleges and Work-based Learning providers
  • Measure progress in harnessing technology effectively to meet the needs of learners

Full details are on the Becta website and look at topics such as:

  • Technology infrastructure in colleges
  • Hardware and software
  • The impact of technology
  • Leadership and management of technology
  • Staff skills and training
  • Technology in teaching and learning
  • Suppliers and supporting organisations

The Regional Support Centres get a mention in the “Suppliers and supporting organisations” on p.25 in the FE survey.

“The three main national sector support organisations are also highly valued for supportive dialogue, with JISC RSCs [97%], Becta [89%] and LSIS [81%] all being drawn on for ideas by more than four out of five colleges.”

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