Technology Exemplar Network (TEN) Open Days at College of West Anglia

JISC RSC Eastern are facilitating this free event hosted by The  which is an exemplar for the Technology Exemplar Network (TEN).

***Posted on behalf of JISC RSC Eastern***

The College of West Anglia has been privileged to be selected to participate in Becta’s Technology Exemplar Network over the last two years. Initially, in the first year, it worked as a developing provider and was excited to learn last summer that it had succeeded in meeting the criteria to attain full Exemplar status and represent the Eastern region.

The college is keen to share and develop its practises with others in the region in addition to those that it already has close ties with through its Technology Exemplar Network leadership. To share some of its uses of ILT the college is running two free open days to which you are cordially invited. Each day will start at 1100 and conclude at 1500 and provide a range of different opportunities to meet colleagues, to share experiences and see some practical uses of that the college make of ILT and understand the infrastructure that has had recent major investment. Lunch and refreshments will be provided for delegates.

Details for Day 1 on 14th May are described here:
Day 2 will be held on 18th June at the Cambridge Campus, Milton

Please visit the events page at:

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