LSIS accounts to benefit all FE and Skills providers

Every learning and skills provider funded through the LSC/Skills Funding Agency is now able to bLSIS logoenefit from a new LSIS Account.

An LSIS Account gives providers an amount of virtual credit that can be used to buy improvement services from LSIS. Each time you use the LSIS Account to pay for an LSIS event the cost is deducted from the virtual credit in your LSIS Account.

From August 2010, in response to feedback from the sector, LSIS accounts are available to all organisations that provide education and training in the learning and skills sector.

Providers who do not have an LSIS account can apply for one by completing the online registration form.

For more information about LSIS Accounts, read the frequently asked questions on the LSIS website. If you can’t find the answer to your query here, call the LSIS helpline on 02476 627953.