JISC Content: A user friendly introduction to the JISC digital collections and archives

JISC Content website

JISC Collections has been working on a new website:
which has been set up to provide a more user friendly way of navigating the content that JISC funding has helped made available to the HE and FE communities.

The site is not aiming to give item level access to each collection, i.e. it is not a federated search or discovery service. Rather it is a gateway that provides brief descriptions of each collection, and offers users different and, hopefully, engaging ways to browse through these descriptions, and learn more about what is on offer.

The content currently includes material licensed by JISC Collections and material digitised via the two phases of the Digitisation Programme, the Enriching Digital Resources strand, and the first phase of the JISC – NEH (National Endowment for Humanities) Transatlantic work.

The plan is to update the site over time, and in particular to make some changes in response to feedback gathered over the next month or so. If you have feedback, modifications etc. then please send them to collections@jisc.ac.uk.

Visit the new JISC Content website:  http://www.jisc-content.ac.uk/