Regional Support Centres become part of JISC Advance

JISC Advance logoOn 1st August 2010 JISC Regional Support Centres (RSCs), which guide and support the deployment of technologies for learning providers, became part of JISC Advance. JISC Advance Director, Guy Lambert says,

“We are pleased to welcome the RSCs, with which we have been working closely over the last year, into JISC Advance. They are a vital element in both helping our customers interpret and make best use of our resource, and as a feedback channel to help our services develop resources that address customers’ priorities.”

The advent of the RSCs into JISC Advance creates a broad and resourceful national service combined with the regional strengths and local relationships of the RSCs.

The Regional Support Centres started in August 2000 and have been offering support to the post-16 education & training sector over the last ten years during which time there has been significant change in the use of technology.

The RSCs join the following organisations that are already part of JISC Advance:

  • JISC Digital Media
  • JISC infoNet
  • JISC Legal
  • JISCMail
  • JISC Netskills
  • JISC Procureweb
  • JISC TechDis