Adult Education for the 21st Century-The London Regional Initiative

During the previous academic year all of London’s 33 borough based adult learning providers plus The Mary Ward Centre, The City Lit, Morley College, Working Men’s College and The Workers Educational Association agreed to a charter for learner entitlement to on-line resources to support their learning. The charter aims to demonstrate that adult learning providers are able to thrive in the 21st century by utilising the power of ICT to improve their services to learners.
As a result of this initiative many adult education services in London are now rolling out virtual learning environments for their students. In addition, those who have been using these systems for some time are supporting the late adopters with advice and shared expertise.
The London ACL Principals and Heads of Service have agreed to the charter for providing all ACL learners on longer courses (12 weeks and over) with on-line resources to support their learning.
Each provider is determining their own timetable for this according to local resources and challenges.
Those learning providers who have more experience with technologies such as Moodle and Mahara continue to develop and refine their offering s to learners. More advanced on-line resources drive up inspection grades and enrich the learning experience. This is particularly so with initial assessment, ILPs (individual learning plans), on- line assessment (summative and formative),and the use of e-portfolios. Some of the more advanced providers are also creating integrated systems for their learners. These are exciting times for adult education as, with these tools, colleges are now able to offer a more personalised and flexible offer to students than at any time in the long history of adult education.
The aim is to arrive at a situation where, no matter where you decide to study across London, you will be provided with on-line support materials and activities which accompany your course.
If you would like more information on this initiative contact Martin Sepion, Senior Adviser, RSC London or visit

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