Create&Convert: software for inclusion

createconvert_logoCreate&Convert is designed to help learning providers comply with the Equality Act 2010. The new Act puts the onus on learning providers to take reasonable steps to ensure that their information is accessible.

Create&Convert is a tool that can take documents in common electronic formats (like MS Office, Open Office etc) and turn them into ‘epubs’ or talking books.

It is a tool that learning providers can use to support learners who are print-impaired or experience difficulties with reading and who prefer to access content in a flexible and multi-sensory format.

Create&Convert also allows indexing and synchronising of text so that the learner can always be aware of where they are within a document.

Create&Convert has three easy stages:

  • create an accessible document
  • export it to talking book format
  • check the output by reading or listening to the result

The individual tools within Create&Convert are all outputs of the DAISY consortium, but the download mechanisms, the interface, the support mechanisms and tutorials have been designed by JISC RSC Scotland North & East.

Like the rest of the  EduApps software  family, Create&Convert is free!
For more information and to download Create&Convert go to: