The future of the NLN materials service

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The NLN Materials programme has seen the growth of a well-respected and widely used body of e-learning content over the last 10 years. The programme had been funded by government grants, which came to an end in October 2010. LSIS, the Skills Funding Agency and JANET(UK) have worked together to provide additional funding for the service until the end of the current academic year in July 2011. However, beyond July 2011 no further funding is available to continue the service in its current form.

Since 2006 delivery of the materials has been maintained through the domain, which has been managed successfully by JANET(UK). All of those involved with the site acknowledge the excellent quality of the service and its contribution to learning and to learners, but without funding it cannot be maintained in its current form. LSIS has taken over ownership of the materials and feels it is important to find a way to continue to make them available to teachers and learners. The first step is to identify the viable options and carry out a survey to find out what practitioners want to do. This will be available from the Excellence Gateway:
from Tuesday 21st December to Friday, 28th January.

The outcomes of the survey will be analysed and shared with the sector and a planned programme of action will be developed and published by mid February.

JANET(UK) and the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS)