MyStudyBar Version 3

Message from JISC Regional Support Centre Scotland North & East about MyStudyBar

MyStudyBar is a useful  free tool that helps overcome common problems that students (or anyone) can have with studying, reading and writing.

A licencing problem has arisen which necessitates the replacement of versions previous to Version 3.

We strongly recommend that you do one of two things:

  • Download the brand new MyStudyBar (Version 3), with significant improvements and upgrades (115 MB) – this can be accessed at, OR
  • Download a patch to upgrade your current copy of MyStudyBar to Version 3. (25 MB)



(If you already have Version 3 of MyStudyBar, the characters ‘V3’ will be clearly displayed on the top panel of the program itself.  In which case, relax, you don’t need to do anything!)

You will find that several new and useful features have been built into the new release of MyStudyBar. These include:

  • a powerful spellchecker (TinySpell) that works in a wide range of settings;
  • a screen reader that comes bundled with an accessible browser and RSS news reader (Thunder);
  • a significantly improved touch typing tutor (RapidTyping);
  • several highly useful curriculum-specific lexicons added to LetMeType, a word prediction program.

There WAS no charge for MyStudyBar, there IS no charge, and we intend that it WILL ALWAYS remain free. No charge, no catch. Every reason to get your software completely up to date.

Any comments, queries or other feedback? We always like to hear from you at