Save time and money promoting your courses-find out about the XCRI standard

On Wednesday 26th January 2011, Linking London is offering partners (all FECs and HEIs) the opportunity to learn more about XCRI, which is the standard for course advertising data and is used to share information about courses between organisations. At this London meeting you will find out more about XCRI, how much it might cost and how it could be useful for your organisation. Delegates at the event will hear from speakers from the XCRI development team, JISC and other practictioners.

If you answer yes to any of the question below, the XCRI event is for you – Do you currently:

  1. Have inconsistent information about courses?
  2. Struggle to put together an accurate list of all your institution’s offerings?
  3. Want to improve the internal efficiency of sharing and collecting course details?
  4. Spend valuable staff time updating numerous external agencies with course information? e.g. UCAS etc.

This event is FREE for all delegates.
To book a place please email before Friday 20th January 2011.
Further information on the Linking London XCRI Event

XCRI Benefits

Learners and outside aggregators will all benefit from access to accurate and timely courses information, and learning providers can reduce the time manually exporting courses data for agencies as well as ensure that their definitive courses information is accessible to the outside world.

XCRI is endorsed by HEFCE, JISC and the ISB, and is in the process of becoming the European standard.

More information is available on the XCRI website