Interested in joining a JISC Legal virtual user group? You could win a Kindle!

3925_JiscAdvanceLegalJISC Legal is currently seeking volunteers to join an informal Users Group to provide feedback on its activity on an ongoing basis…

As a virtual user group member, we will from time-to-time invite you to feedback on draft versions of proposed guidance and resources, and we’ll listen to your ideas and suggestions for work we can do. In addition, we propose to hold, on an occasional basis, focus groups by way of web conference. Alas, there’s only moral reward, not financial, but there will be no obligation to take part at any point – just as time and interest allows – and no travel involved (though if you’re passing Glasgow, you’re welcome to stop by for a coffee!).

Being involved will take up no more than an hour or two a month, as and when you have a bit of time or a train journey. Your involvement will, however, be extremely useful in helping us to tailor our services and our available resources to the needs of all our users.

If you work within further education, higher education or the specialist college sector, in an area of work where questions of law relating to ICT come up, and are interested in joining, please drop a mail to Gavin Saxton, our Communications Assistant, and we will get back to you with further information very shortly. We are looking to have a group of around 20 users, selected to be a representative sample of our user community. It would therefore be helpful if you could include your job role within your email.

Please contact us by 5pm on Friday, 21 January. As an extra thank you, all those from the relevant sectors who volunteer by this date will be entered into a prize draw to win a Kindle – the draw will be conducted on Monday, 24 January.