JISC Advance and LSIS sign Concordat

LSIS logoJISC Advance logoJISC Advance and LSIS signed a Concordat earlier this month at the LSIS Embracing Technology for Success conference. The Concordat sets out how the two organisations will work together to ensure coherent support to the sector to maximise the benefits of technology.

The new formal partnership will eliminate unnecessary duplication and overlap, ensuring it makes the most cost-effective use of funding.

The concordat establishes a framework for JISC Advance and LSIS to work in partnership together in England to:

  • Identify the needs of the FE and Skills sector and its workforce, in the use of technology to improve learner outcomes and organisational effectiveness.
  • Support the improvement of the FE and Skills sector and the learner experience through the appropriate and effective use of ICT and learning technologies.
  • Ensure continued value for money of their expenditure and cost effectiveness of their services to the sector.
  • Demonstrate effective working arrangements to their respective Boards and the BIS representatives attending those Boards.

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