VLE Positioning Guide

This positioning guide is designed to help you assess where your organisation is with regard to VLE utilisation. It is by no means the definitive way to see VLE development in an organisation but simply a suggested approach to the task.

One thing to remember is that a VLE project is on-going and should never stop evolving. I would suggest the way you might use this positioning guide is to assess where you are, decide where you want to be and then develop a plan as to how you will get there.

Stage 0 – No VLE, Planning a VLE, Had a VLE, VLE in hibernation

Stage 1 – Piloting, Just got a VLE, Have a VLE but hardly used

Stage 2 – More than half of longer courses use VLE, Use in all curriculum areas, Have common standards across the organisation, MIS/VLE integration, Use some interactive features

Stage 3 – More than 80% of courses use VLE, All teaching resources in ditial format, All staff ICT confident, On line assessment (Formative & Summative)

Stage 4 – Personalised learning offer, student workspace (eg Portfolio integration), use ILP’s, VLE part of learner portal, learners regularly collaborate in VLE. A good range of activities used in most courses.

Stage 5 – VLE integrates with other web 2.0 repositories, VLE integrates with other institutional systems, learners are able to personalise their VLE interface, learners are able to peer assess and mentor each other via the VLE, the organisation has the capacity to deliver both blended and distance learning via the VLE. Tutors within and across organisations are able to collaborate on the production and sharing of resources via the VLE.

It takes time to embed a VLE in a college but if you stick with it you will get there. Good luck with your VLE projects.

Further help and advice

If you are an SFA or HEFCE funded post 16 learning provider you are entitled to advice from your JISC Regional Support Centre – see here to find your local RSC Office.


If you are interested in Moodle 2 see my earlier post – Should your organisation move to Moodle 2.0 see


Tips for Getting your VLE started post


Also see the ULCC Elblog for more in depth information about Moodle


Forthcoming RSC London Events can be accessed via


A good way to share ideas and good practice among your peers in the post 16 education sector can be via various Jiscmail forums. Contact your local RSC for details of how to join in the debate.

For an overview of Jiscmail visit


Martin Sepion is a Senior Adviser at the JISC Regional Support Centre London which is based at ULCC, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU e-mail m.sepion@rsc-london.ac.uk

Twitter @Martin_Sepion

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