Learners speak about what Adult Education means to them

John Faulkner, Saboohi Famili and Joanne Barnett of SCOLA. Presenters at the RSC London eFactor Showcase, Senate House, London University.

Despite costing the taxpayer a fraction of the money spent on other educational sectors (schools, FE and Higher Education), millions of learners in the UK benefit from participating in adult education each year. Adult education offers a flexible and welcoming environment in which people can realise their potential. It is often a valuable late option for those whose first experience of education was not a positive one. There are many theories and strategies as to what lifelong learning should be and how it should be funded. Perhaps a good way to start to think about this question is to listen to what actual participants in adult education think.

Here is a selection of short films produced by SCOLA, an Adult Education College in the London Borough of Sutton, in which students talk about what their experience of adult learning means to them:

Basic Skills (2min 38 seconds)


Teaching and Learning Support (2mins 30 seconds)


Independent Learning and Support (2min 26 seconds)


Computing and Digital Design (2 mins 46 seconds)


Art & Photography (2mins 23 seconds)


This SCOLA film project was showcased by RSC London at their e-Factor Event on June 28th 2011.

On 28th June 2011 RSC London held an event at Senate House, London showcasing some of the excellent work being done by post-16 learning providers across London. The theme was the effective use of technology and featured presentations ranging from virtual desktops in Bromley Adult Education to advanced VLEs in Haringey, Enfield, and North East London College.

To find out more about Sutton College of Learning for Adults (SCOLA) visit http://www.scola.ac.uk/

For feedback or suggestions e-mail m.sepion@rsc-london.ac.uk

By Martin Sepion, Senior Adviser, JISC RSC London


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