New year, new challenges, new opportunities

Graciano Soares, JISC RSC Manager

Graciano Soares, JISC RSC Manager

The 2011-2012 academic year is already in full swing and I wanted to start by thanking all those who contributed to our regional priority survey and for your engagement with the JISC RSC London.

Last year, we helped colleagues in the region achieve things that meant a lot to them and their organisations – no matter how great or small. This year we intend to continue the good work to extend our reach. We will work harder and smarter to reach out to all of you.

I am grateful to all those who participated in and helped to deliver our e-Factor Showcase in June. It closed the year with a positive message of engagement and set the tone for this year’s work.

As you may know, under the leadership of JISC Advance, we are increasingly working together with all RSCs across the four nations to provide a service that is more standardised and to bring you relevant information and resources available from all parts of the UK. There are currently a number of UK-wide projects under development that will lead to efficiency and simplicity in the way you use your RSC. The aim is to provide you with increased access to our resources and advice and guidance. As a result, this year there will be a greater number of RSC activities available to you.

In response to funders’ demands, customer feedback and our revised remit, this year, we will be:

  • championing the exploitation of technology to encourage innovative learning
  • emphasising learner experience and staff development
  • driving culture change through supporting management and decision makers
  • making the case for quality infrastructure and technical support to drive efficiencies.

Of course, business processes, shared services, procurement, digital literacies, accessibility and inclusion, sustainability and e-safety continue to be priorities for all of us. We will be tackling these areas through our own planned activities but also through our increasing partnership work with LSIS, NIACE, LWBLA, AoC and the Higher Education Academy.

Stimulating a culture of technology uptake and innovation

Without a doubt, the FE and Skills, as well as the Higher Education sectors have come a long way with their access to and understanding of the benefits of technology. However, experience shows that practice has not changed enough, particularly at a time when funders and leaders are looking to technology to deliver efficiencies and effectiveness.

We want to engage with you to tackle any barriers. We want to help build a model that describes the effective technology-focused learning provider – a theme that we intend to return to for our e-Factor Showcase event on the 27th June 2012.

As always, we will be contacting all of you who are entitled to our support shortly. If you do not hear from us soon enough, please do get in touch to discuss how we can help.

For a full list of our offer this year, please refer to our website ( or email

With wishes for another successful year.

Graciano Soares
RSC London Manager

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