JISC Advance and JISC RSCs breakout session AOC Conference 2011

Beyond the classroom: enhancing the learner experience

Delegates at AoC break-out session

Delegates at AoC break-out session

“Excellent stuff”
“Very impressive work done on systems integration”
“Brilliant stuff-lots of ideas”
“Both systems are absolutely fantastic”
“JISC RSC Healthcheck in 2009 helped us focus e-learning developments” -Barnsley College
“The JISC RSC’s support has given us the knowledge to develop the systems we have at the moment” (Haringey, Enfield and North East London College)

This year RSC London, as part of JISC Advance Services, showcased how two colleges (Barnsley College in South Yorkshire and The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London) have developed technology-based systems to support and enhance the learner experience beyond the classroom. This breakout session was presented to an audience of Principals, Vice Principals, Senior Management and Governors at the AOC conference on the 16th November at the ICC in Birmingham.

Link to key points and the resources.

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