Merry Christmas To You All!

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A short report of our key outputs to date before it snows.

The year has been very productive so far, with a number of activities involving your RSC and its supported organisations. In this first quarter, our events have attracted in excess of 500 people since our support has yet again been extended to include ULCC’s FOTE11, and the AoC Conference, two key events in the RSC London calendar. Our role is to ensure that the target audience includes all our supported sectors, as well as higher education. Our annual visits are well under way and the whole RSC London Team are looking to engage with 100% of our providers this year.

At the AoC Conference, JISC Advance led a session organised by the JISC RSC London and Yorkshire and Humber to offer delegates two presentations to demonstrate best practice and how our support has enabled colleges to tailor and integrate systems to achieve specific needs. The presentations from Barnsley College and College of Haringey, Enfield and East London were extremely well received, prompting a delegate to say,

“This is excellent. How do I get that in my college?”

Under JISC Advance, the JISC RSCs continue to develop services, strategies and systems to respond to the increased demands to avoid duplication wherever possible, without stifling creativity and innovation, and to find efficiencies. You will have seen our new website that functions as a brochure for all RSCs. Under the banner of One RSC, we have also delivered nationally-planned events online (Mobile Learning and The RSC Green Conference), which have attracted delegates from all over the UK and abroad. As you know, this year the RSC had a 5% reduction in its funding and next year the reduction may be up to 10%. The good news is that the Department for Education have agreed to continue to fund our support to Sixth Form Colleges until 2014.

In the JISC arena, Martyn Harrow has been appointed as the new Head of JISC and he will have the ultimate responsibility to take us into the New JISC. The JISC Transition Group has now received the three interim reports. Strand A continues to investigate new business and governance models for the New JISC after Strand B reported that it is feasible, and indeed advantageous, for JISC to take most of its services in-house. Strand C’s review concluded on the importance and value of JANET to the UK education sector.

Colleagues at the RSC continue to work hard to engage with our communities and the feeling of achievement is overwhelming. This is all backed up by the continuous positive response we get from those who engage with us. Our 2010-11 Value for Money Report highlights the importance of the work of the JISC RSC delivered through the JISC Advance services.

If you’re already looking for how you or your organisation can benefit from our support after the New Year, make sure to have a look at our latest e-bulletin.

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year period from all of us in the RSC London Team.

Graciano Soares
JISC RSC London Manager

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