JISC Advance expands supports for FE and Skills

JISC Advance logo~via JISC Advance~

JISC Advance has appointed Nigel Ecclesfield to manage its new FE and Skills Development and Resources Programme. This new project – secured with over £1 million of UK-wide funding – will see us offering a wider range of resources and information to the FE and Skills sectors.

JISC Advance services have offered expert advice and guidance to the FE and Skills sectors for many years. This two stage project will overhaul existing provision, identify gaps and then create high quality content to ensure the development of a complete package of support.

John McLaughlin, Team Leader for ICT and Technology for Learning at BIS described the vision of the project as:

“the application of technologies which will transform teaching and learning in the Further Education and Skills sector, with significant improvement in the quality of student experience [and] significant improvement in organisational efficiency”

Nigel has worked as a practitioner, manager and researcher working with FE providers since 1978. Since 2003, Nigel has worked with JISC Advance services and JISC through Becta and LSIS projects.  His knowledge and experience of a wide range of sector agencies and providers will be pivotal to the success of this project.

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