LSIS Funding: Leadership in Technology (LiT) grant based intervention

~ on behalf of LSIS ~
LSIS is inviting bids from learning providers for project grants of £6000 for technology based improvement activity. The grant is designed to support providers who identify a particular improvement need that can be tackled through the innovative use of technology. This should enable organisations to use technology to achieve measurable and/or clearly identifiable benefits. The scheme aims to take advantage of existing sector expertise and best practice through mentoring, coupled with support from a targeted LSIS Technology for Success workshop.

Applications for the LSIS Leadership in Technology (LiT) grant based intervention are to be made by completing all of the boxes on the accompanying form, including a breakdown of the total cost of the project. No additional documentation should be submitted with this bid unless specifically requested.

The completed application form should be e-mailed to  titled ‘LSIS Leadership in Technology (LiT) grant based intervention’ by 12.00 noon on Monday 02 July 2012

Supporting documents: