Using tablets and apps for assessment and learner support

Using tablets and apps for assessment and learner support – free webinarFriday 18 January 2013 12.30pm

Presented by Trevor Eeles from LAGAT Training and Recruitment and hosted by JISC Advance

This webinar will be of particular interest to those teaching in WBL although others will find it useful.


LAGAT Training and Recruitment, one of Lincolnshire’s premier training providers, is successfully using technology to facilitate learner assessment and support. This has seen LAGAT provide increased support for its learners as well as a notable reduction in travel costs and carbon footprint.

Find out more about how they have achieved this and their plans for future developments including continuing staff development for assessors and LAGAT’s virtual library and other on-line resources.

What you will take away from the session:

  • Integrate all aspects of assessment through the use of tablets to capture evidence in every form – video, photographs, sound and text.
  • Learn how to run an on-line induction programme for new learners offering any time anywhere access.
  • Support learners on their own devices to provide improved access to learning resources, guidance and support from any location.
  • Demonstrate savings in travel costs and carbon footprint.

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This is one of 33 projects being funded by Jisc Advance. The projects represent all countries of the UK and cover all aspects of the FE and Skills sector including work-based learning, adult and community learning, colleges and specialist providers. They focus on a wide range of different technologies and their applications, including  Mobile Learning, Audio feedback, the use of Student Owned Devices, Remote (and automated) assessment and many others.

Discover how LAGAT has reduced costs and carbon footprint through learner assessment. Read more here