Launching the online ESOL London innovative forum

Wordle_EL10th May is the first of a series of online webinars directed at ESOL practitioners and those who support them. The idea is to get  practitioners across London to come together, share ideas and even collaborate on some joint ventures. There will also be an online space to run alongside it. Hopefully,this space will not  be a resource site,as there are already so many offering highly professional and swish looking content for English language learners. What I hope it  will be is a space to explore and support each other in developing innovative ideas and practice.

The initial themes are based on feedback from some practitioners about what they would like to explore ( the wordle above includes all the key words they mentioned) Furthermore, as a teacher, I have often had  the experience of putting up links to loads of colorful resources and interactive quizzes, in a way just like filling a room up with books, and told my learners to get on with it. I found that some of them did, but there was always  a significant minority who just didn’t engage. So I do think we need to explore more how to creatively work with the learners themselves.  With this in mind the lunchtime Online  ESOL London Innovative (ELI) Forum is on Friday 10th May @ 1-2pm

Join us where the agenda will be:

The active learner

  • Learner created content
  • Moodle tools
  • Learner voice and Learner ambassadors
  • and more…..!
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