The Active Teacher. ESOL London webinar.14th June

A solidly good webinar with participants from 8 learning providers who all came together to share good practice and ideas for the ESOL class. Wordle_EL

There were some fantastic presentations. Thanks again to Phil Bird from Barking and Dagenham College, who is working on the British council’s Nexus Project and Tanu Verma from WAES on her packed-full presentation on the use of i-Pads in the ESOL classroom.

Key points:

British council’s Nexus project. We were introduced to three sets of resources.There are the self-access resources for learners as well as the teaching material and lesson plans for teachers.Also of great interest were the online CPD materials;for example using the internet with ESOL learners.These really work towards increasing both teachers’ and learners’ confidence in using online resources as well as considering issues around digital literacy. Phil was also particularly keen on getting feedback about the resources and editable Google docs,open for comments,were set up as a pre-session activity.

App of the month: Poll everywhere; we tried out this easy to use mobile phone app during the session and looked at the results at the end.Can it be used in an ESOL context? Phil suggested using it outside the classroom for situational learning where maybe learners can send in new words of the week or different ways of greeting someone- the results of which can then be looked at in the lesson. One of the other delegates suggested using twitter in a similar way- so something to explore in future events?

i-Pads and ESOL:Some really exciting and imaginative work using i-Pads with ESOL learners -particularly great for differentiated learning as there are some excellent apps that are not only creative, such as comic strip,but also ones that help develop literacy skills at lower levels.However,WAES learners are lucky enough to be able to get their hands on individual IPADS in every lesson (which left some of us drooling with envy).Tanu said that as a result her learners are very keen to the point that many of them are asking about
using these apps outside the class and getting their own i-Pads or iPhones. Though delegates did ask if there were any android equivalents as those are considerably cheaper. Again the mobile/tablet theme is one that needs further investigation.

We concluded with a brief overview of possible areas to explore in the next session on the 5th of July- the theme being ‘preparing for the new year’.Possible ideas so far:Google docs, using pln for crowd sourcing in the classroom,Prezi and Xerte for induction,literacy and phonics apps for lower levels and more.

If you would like to suggest anything else or would like to tell us what work you are doing with your ESOL learners.Please email me:

Missed the webinar? Here is the recording

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