ESOL Webinar 5th July. Ideas for the new year.

A jam packed session on the ESOL webinar. There Wordle_ELwas a bit of pre-sessional activity before we all came on around the theme of ideas we want to explore in the new teaching year. These were collected using Padlet (click here to add an idea to Padlet) and there were some interesting and ambitious ideas put forward by participants – thanks also to those of you who could not make it to the webinar but still contributed.   Comments included the need to think more about how to support learners outside the class and flipped learning,which is something that we want to explore more in the next webinar (so watch this space!). We also mentioned Doceri (Nick Peachey’s blog about Doceri here) and Show me that are tools that can be used to create and record voice over whiteboards and share them online and in the class- so a flipped learning content creation idea there!  The mobile theme was also very strong and we are sure to follow this through in the new academic year.

Franca Marchese from Barnet and Southgate College then gave us a very informative presentation on the use of Google docs with her ESOL learners. She uses Google docs as part of a ‘mixed economy‘ together with other tools such as Moodle. For example creating a quiz is a lot easier in Google docs and it can then be easily embedded into Moodle and other places. It is very user friendly and there are lots of resources and templates on line. Google drive can also be used on any device and so can be accessed on smart phones, if there are no class computers available. Franca recommended using Google forms with  learners to begin with- maybe by creating a ‘first day‘ survey. Click here to see and answer a question set up in Google forms. Finally, it is organizational support and team work that is vital in implementing this ‘mixed economy’ type of online learning that is more geared towards meeting the individual needs of the learners and bespoke to the organization itself.

We then looked at the very simple app called Padlet (click  to see ideas talked about) and how it can be used for learning beyond the classroom – It could be set up as a simple VLE where learners can access presentation and materials if they have missed lessons, as an e-portfolio,as an enrichment space where learners can put up photographs of a day out or an event, we can use the streaming function for a collaborative writing process lesson, as well as using the QRS code function to create a treasure hunt for a library induction or do a task based learning activity such as following directions.Finally, it was also suggested that it could be used to get learners to create an end of year project about their learning experience which can then be shown to new learners as part of their induction (much more effective than an impersonal handbook).

Lastly, we took a poll about the future of the ESOL webinars and as a consequence will be inviting ESOL practitioners from beyond the London region to join us in sharing ideas!

To find out more here is the recording of the webinar.

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