Reflections on a MOOC – Before it all begins

This is the introduction to a series of blog posts that I will be writing on the subject of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) over the next few months, in the lead up to a MOOC-focussed event that Jisc RSC London will host on 28 November. It’s also the first time I have set out to record my reflections on undertaking a MOOC as a student. In my posts I’ll record my thoughts on the student experience, pedagogic practice, planning and quality, amongst other areas. I’ll take the approach of constructive reflection to highlight many of the issues mentioned above.

Like all who have an interest in educational technologies, I have followed the pro and con arguments surrounding MOOCs as they have developed. I summarised these in an essay for the Change and Innovation in Higher Education module within the MA in Policy Studies in Education that I am currently completing at the Institute of Education, University of London. This time though, I’ll be taking a very active and hands-on approach to the questions that surround MOOCs, though I might well refer back to some more academic references in the course of my reflections.

I hypothesised that one of the most effective methods of determining the pedagogic effectiveness of MOOCs would be to examine a MOOC that focussed on online learning as its core subject material. This explains my choice of “Teaching with Moodle – An introduction”. Plus, it’s relatively short – only four weeks’ duration – and the content has the advantage of being good CPD as well! If you feel like doing the MOOC as well, feel free – more information at: